Our passion is to create smart, playful user experiences for the social environment.

Taking a multidisciplinary approach – we collaborate with global design studios, architecture practises and fabrication specialists to delivery quality crafted furniture, intelligent playful products and engaging spaces.



Trust, Respect and Growth.

Working with trusted specialists from multi disciplines allows us to strike the conversation to best address the users’ needs with new ideas and solutions.  


Empathy, Simplicity and Imagination.

Our designs start and end with the user experience, both simple to use and simple to maintain. Quality crafted materials and methods are employed to achieve honest design with a minimalist aesthetic.


Credibility, Consistency and Excellence.

Formed from an experienced team of specialists within the creative and commercial industries, our approach leverages each our individual strengths in our disciplinaries to ensure a strong, consistent, yet bespoke end product, tailored to the individual project needs. 

Focused on today’s commercial environments our philosophy at BLANC SPACE is about compassion for all user groups interacting with our products and spaces. Ou aesthetic employs strong, bold, honest forms to visually connect with our sophisticated audience which we then soften with the use of fluid lines and tactile finishes to draw out playful interactions for the young at heart.


We design and construct your ideas for the commercial environment.

Specialising in: 

- Commercial Furniture

- Interactive Social Furniture

- Play Inspired Furniture

- Play Products and Structures

- Play Spaces (In & Outdoors)

- Pop-Up Activations


Choose and work with our ready-made furniture collection such as ‘FORM’ our Play Inspired Modular Furniture line, empowering our clients and collaborators the ability to create mixed-use spaces for engaging a wider audience to increase dwell periods within the social and commercial spaces.


We want to collaborate and create with you and your team through holistic design. Let’s work together to solve the problems and deliver the best solutions and outcomes possible.

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