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JUNGLE PLAY - Parramatta Westfield

March 2023

Anchored in activity, kids can climb, crawl and slide in the Jungle Climber, be immersed by our custom sensory range including the Magic Talk Tubes, which activate animated illumination based on voice, the Sensory Wall, allows children to use imagination and touch to activate light sequences with its 48 stones and our Igloo Cubbies which create the perfect and contained space with layered nature sounds. Lastly to develop those toddler motor skills we've included our Cog Box and Abacus sculpture to complete the space.

SENSORY SPACE - Balgowlah Stockland

September 2022

Welcome to Stockland Balgowlah's Premium Sensory & Social Space. 


Blanc Space was tasked with creating a calming space to support young parents and to dwell, recharge and relax. 


With the integration of our Sensory Wall, Calming Igloos, Abacus Sculpture, Cog Box and Abstract Climber, this 24sqm footprint encourages inclusivity, light and sound interactivity and development of fine motor skills as well as imagination play.


GARDEN CITY- Canberra Centre


March 2020

Inspired by the abundant national parks, nature reserves of the ACT, the team at Blanc Space delivers a rich, inclusive play experience for families, supported by high-impact aesthetics & functionality for all customers luxury Australian Shopping Centre.

The Diner- Melbourne Au


December 2019

Our little abstract play area is set within a micro foodcourt of one of Melbourne's favourite shopping centres, Eastland. Sporting a range of nostalgic diner themed play activities, little ones will find themselves exploring and growing confident within retail space, sliding, crawling and creating imaginary meals for their families as they all dine with the surrounding tenants, 


Oceanfront- Florida USA


September 2019


Experiencing previous success through utilising playgrounds to increase foot traffic within their malls our client’s brief was simple, deliver a ‘playground’ for their Luxury Mall to draw families from their surrounding options.

STEAM Plus- Texas USA

March 2019

Collaboration with US-based Agency to deliver an evolution of the S.T.E.A.M. play model within the retail space.  


LAX Airport- Los Angeles USA

August 2018

Engaged to consult on one of our busiest hubs, LAX International Airport. The concept of 3 immersive sculptural play-areas is to be spaced throughout LAX's new terminal, designed to burn off energy for children's prior to their flights.   

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June 2018


‘FORM’ is our Play Inspired Modular Furniture line empowering our clients and collaborators the ability to create mixed-use spaces for engaging a wider audience to increase dwell periods within the social and commercial spaces. 

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